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The Blue Realm

Everything is not what it seems

This journal is Friends Only, comment to be added!

I'm known as Tatra almost everywhere online, so this lj name is rather random. But, I like my random journal name. I am very random, you see. :D

I like to write and, for the most part, the place where I'm truly active on lj at the moment is the community [Unknown LJ tag], which is an awesome writing prompts community.

I also love writing challenges, especially Wriye 09 and NaNoWriMo. JulNoWriMo is awesome for Zombies!

List of Novels:

Nanowrimo 09 -
Rocks of Opportunity: Which involves time loops, rocks falling again and again, and eventually heaven and hell.

Julno 09 -
Addison: Which includes Addy, a Drag Queen Zombie; his childhood friend, Mo, and the new zombie stuck in the middle, Saki. Twistedly fun.

Nanowrimo 08 -
Flabbergast: in which Jack goes to a boarding school and the Woods takes over the plot.

Another thing I love is TV shows, where I am obsessed with Stargate even though it's over and Leverage, which is pure awesomeness. Now adding White Collar to the list of awesome shows.

My Writing Journal is at tatra_megami, but it is also friends only for the most part. My writing journal is also where I have lists for RaTs detailing which post goes in what universe.

I also have a character journal, which hasn't been updated in ages, where my characters write their own entries. literarylife Someday I'll get back to this, but for now it is on break.